Good Night SMS

Shower your friends and family with a good night SMS message that will bring them a peaceful and pleasant sleep. Wish them sweet dreams with a good night SMS message, from our Good Night SMS messages.

Good Night SMS

All you need to succeed with excellence.
All you need for a great day.
All you need for a better tommorrow, is a good sleep at night.
A fresh mind, can conquer the world.
I wish you a good night.
Sleep well.

An end to a day, is only a beginning of a new one.
And similarly, every success marks a start of a new one.
Keep your spirits high for a tomorrow that shall always come.
Keep faith, courage and hope in life and never let your dreams sleep.

It is said that if you guess all the following three words right, 1. _hosts 2. _vil 3. _eath, you get to meet the 1st word soon.
Anyways, Good Night.

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